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    Widar loves the Commodore 64 and hails from Norway. Welcome friend.
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    Top Ten MSX Games

    The MSX may have missed a great many gamers, but that just means there’s lots of great games to discover.
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    Nothing says I love you quite like a pitchfork to the face
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    Andres Mas

    Andres is a retro freak who loves Silent Hill and the Amstrad CPC. Good man!
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    Top Ten Commodore 16 Games

    16K is a piddly amount by today’s standards, but talented coders were nonetheless able to work magic on Commodore’s machine
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    James Vance Talks Strider

    With Strider earning a fresh legion of fans, we felt it was the perfect time to speak to James Vance about Capcom’s iconic ninja.
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    Andy Hunt

    Meet Andy Hunt. He likes bad games and is terrible at them.
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