SS Turbo Esprit Spectrum pile-up WHY I LOVE...

Turbo Esprit

Nick muses on whether or not he really got the point of this open-world driving game…
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Sonic Turns 25

It’s amazing to think that Sega’s iconic blue mascot is now 25-years-old
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Croc (UE) [C][!]_03 BLOG


Does Croc fare better in 2D than he did in 3D?
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Review – Lumo

Your definitive guide to one of the best videogame love letters we’ve played for some time.
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ZX_rasterscan RETRO GAMES


Retrobate Mark Howlett looks back at Mastertronic’s arcade adventure
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thunder_force_iv RETRO GAMES

Thunder Force IV

The promise of the Mega Drive was always that it would deliver arcade thrills, but the truth is that original Mega Drive games often matched up well with arcade conversions in the same genre
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SS Popeye ZX Spectrum opening screen RETRO GAMES


A cartoon caper that does an admirable job of representing its source material
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john_lester BLOG

Interviewed: John Lester

The Collectorvision staffer talks about the company’s involvement with the Retro VGS/Coleco Chameleon and its future plans for new games on classic hardware
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Fatal Fury

Every legend has its beginning – but is the original Fatal Fury still worth your time?
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