Operation Wolf

Darran explains why Taito’s hit coin-op made for a fantastic Master System conversion.
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akira_cd32 RETRO GAMES


Nick’s retro manga kick returns him to the Amiga’s darkest hour…
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Jet Set Radio

Darran gets sentimental about Sega’s innovative Dreamcast game.
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ninja_gaiden_ms_3 RETRO GAMES

Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden on the Master System? Yes! It’s Ninja Gaiden, reader, but not as you know it…
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The Amstrad GX4000 is a notorious flop – but here’s a game that shows how good it could have been…
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headhunter RETRO GAMES


Arriving in the wake of the late Nineties stealth boom, Headhunter was one of the last hurrahs for the Dreamcast. Find out if it lived up to expectations…
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Monster_Boy_1 BLOG

Wonder Boy Creator Returns

Ryuichi Nishizawa gets involved in new project Monster Boy, a spiritual successor to the classic 2D platform series.
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royalrumble_2 RETRO GAMES

WWF Royal Rumble

If you were disappointed by last night’s Royal Rumble result, playing this game… probably won’t help.
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