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Hewson Consultants Returns With Hyper Sentinel

If you’ve ever thought that the modern shoot-’em-up scene has moved too for from the likes of Eighties classics such as Uridium, you are in luck – Hewson Consultants is back, and the company has brought Hyper Sentinel with it
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SS Turbo Esprit Spectrum pile-up WHY I LOVE...

Turbo Esprit

Nick muses on whether or not he really got the point of this open-world driving game…
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Sonic Turns 25

It’s amazing to think that Sega’s iconic blue mascot is now 25-years-old
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Croc (UE) [C][!]_03 BLOG


Does Croc fare better in 2D than he did in 3D?
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Review – Lumo

Your definitive guide to one of the best videogame love letters we’ve played for some time.
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ZX_rasterscan RETRO GAMES


Retrobate Mark Howlett looks back at Mastertronic’s arcade adventure
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