Project-X (1992) RETRO GAMES


Only the brave will take on the challenge of Project-X – and only the brave should…
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VirtuaFighter.C4A7012 RETRO GAMES

Virtua Fighter

It might not have reversed the 32X’s fortunes, but Virtua Fighter is still a class act.
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knuckle_heads_1 RETRO GAMES

Knuckle Heads

A fighting game with a jump button? Maybe the designers really were knuckleheads…
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syphon_filter RETRO GAMES

Syphon Filter

There’s a reason that nobody remembers Eidetic as “the Bubsy 3D guys” – and that’s because they did something far more impressive…
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batman_pce RETRO GAMES


There are three choices when you get the Batman licence, right? Platformer, beat-’em-up or driving game. Wrong. Meet Sunsoft’s secret fourth option…
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