The Berlin Wall

Surprisingly, Kaneko’s platformer has nothing to do with the post-war division of Germany, and everything to do with a little lad with a whacking great hammer.
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428: Shibuya Scramble

For a whole decade, Spike Chunsoft’s classic visual novel was only available to Japanese speakers. Now it’s in English, find out why you shouldn’t sleep on its striking real world presentation and complex web of intersecting stories…
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Nitro Ball

We don’t know why Data East decided that the world needed a pinball and run-and-gun mashup, but we’re glad it did.
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Darkwing Duck jumps up a tower under construction, with an enemy slightly above RETRO GAMES

Darkwing Duck

What one little change from Capcom’s platform shooter formula made Darkwing Duck so enjoyable?
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The Dallas Cowboys player endures a tackle from two opposing defenders RETRO GAMES


Nick recalls how this sports game he hadn’t intended to buy ended up outshining the one he had originally wanted.
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Darran returns to Ocean’s amazing Amstrad conversion.
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A screenshot of Robbit looking at a frog enemy, which is wearing a top hat OPM REVIEW

Jumping Flash!

Find out how the Official UK PlayStation Magazine rated this innovative 3D platform game back in 1995
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A screenshot of Athena Asamiya performing the Psycho Sword attack CVG REVIEW

The King Of Fighters 95

It might have lengthy loading times, but this Neo Geo CD fighter certainly impressed the reviewers at Computer & Video Games.
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A screenshot of Tung Fu Rue blocking Geese Howard's Reppuken special move EDGE REVIEW

Fatal Fury Special

The legendary UK magazine was impressed with SNK’s Neo Geo fighter – but you’ll have to read on to find out just how impressed it was…
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A screenshot of Mr Domino approaching a car PLAY REVIEW

No One Can Stop Mr Domino!

Play magazine said “if this game had a middle name, it’d be ‘originality’” – but was that enough to earn this PlayStation cult classic a top score?
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A screenshot of Marco Rossi on a precarious ledge, shooting an enemy soldier EDGE REVIEW

Metal Slug

The Metal Slug series is now firmly established as one of gaming’s greatest run-and-gun franchises – but what did Edge magazine make of the original in 1996?
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A screenshot of Knuckles approaching a spring ramp SATURN POWER REVIEW

Sonic R

Sonic fans are often divided by their opinions on this racing spin-off – what did Saturn Power magazine make of it in January 1998?
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