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An Post Celebrates Retro Icons With Special Stamps

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An Post Celebrates Retro Icons With Special StampsStamps have never really thrilled our inner collector before, if we’re being perfectly honest with you, but these new ones from Ireland’s postal service An Post certainly caught our interest. The special set of four commemorates gaming’s most recognisable and iconic characters – Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog, Nintendo’s Mario, Namco’s Pac-Man and Taito’s rather more villainous Space Invaders.

If you want to buy some of these rather attractive items, they’re currently for sale at An Post’s online store. This seems to be the first time that a major postal service has chosen to celebrate retro games in such a way, although as the US Postal Service now allows you to design your own stamps, users have been putting their own retro twists on them.

If you’re looking for somewhere else that all four franchises gathered, they’re surprisingly not too common. However, the digital copy of Retro Gamer issue 100 features all of them as part of a special celebratory cover.


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