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AtGames Unveils 2017 Retro Console Range

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AtGames Unveils 2017 Retro Console Range

AtGames has announced the pricing for its 2017 range of plug-and-play consoles based on Sega and Atari’s most popular hardware of the past.

The Atari Flashback 8 Gold is coming in at $79.99, and offers several additional features over older models. The biggest of these is undoubtedly the move to 720p video output, a long-awaited inclusion which finally marks a shift away from the ubiquitous but terrible composite AV connections so often used in plug-and-play machines. The console also offers scanline filters, game saving (as well as pause and rewind functions), 2.4GHz wireless controllers and two standard control ports for your old Atari joysticks. The console features 120 Atari 2600 classics, with this year’s line-up including Activision hits such as Kaboom!, Pitfall and River Raid. A special Activision Edition adds ten more games for a total of 130, also at $79.99.

For those without the benefit of HDMI-compatible TVs, the Atari Flashback 8 ($59.99) offers 105 Atari 2600 games, uses standard composite AV and wired controllers, and omits special features such as game saves. If you want to take your Atari classics on the move, the Atari Flashback Portable Game Player ($59.99) is returning for 2017, with 70 built in games including exclusive Namco hits such as Pac-Man and Dig Dug. As before, this machine features a rechargeable battery and composite TV output, as well as SD card support to add more games.

On the Sega side, the Sega Genesis Flashback is coming in at $79.99 and again offers many features over AtGames’ previous Mega Drive machines. 720p output over HDMI is the standard here too, and scanline filters, save game support and the rewind feature are all present. Most importantly though, AtGames is claiming that this new model will offer improved emulation of the original hardware that addresses one of the biggest weaknesses of past models – sound quality. The system also offers wireless controllers, control ports and a cartridge slot for your original games. The system’s 85 built-in games includes a mixture of Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear and original games.

The budget-oriented may wish to consider the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console ($59.99). This features 81 built-in Mega Drive and original games, wired controllers and standard composite AV, and appears to be based on previous poorly-received models. The Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player ($59.99) is the handheld model, which features 85 built-in Mega Drive and original games with save game support, accepts games via SD card, has composite TV output and runs from a rechargeable battery.

All of these consoles will be available for pre-order from Friday 28 July 2017, and are due to launch in September 2017. You can find out more information on AtGames’ website by clicking here, and we’ll of course keep you updated when we receive these consoles for testing.

AtGames Unveils 2017 Retro Console Range

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