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Awesome Lego version of Super Mario 64 stage

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Just a quick Friday pick-me-up, here. You know how annoying it is when kids that started gaming on the PS2 claim that older 3D visuals look like Lego? Well, one fan has taken that to heart and recreated the entirety of Bob-Omb Battlefield, the first stage of Super Mario 64, in Lego. It’s rather faithful, too! You can see the wandering Goombas, the Chain Chomp tethered to his stump, and even the Big Bob-Omb himself at the top of the hill. It actually looks rather ace – maybe Nintendo could team up with TT Games to make a Lego Mario game happen on 3DS or Wii U?

If you love N64 platformers, don’t forget to check out the ace history of Banjo-Kazooie in issue 132, available from the Imagine Shop for £4.99.

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