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Cancelled Warcraft Point-And-Click Found

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With Warcraft riding high in the estimations of PC gamers during the mid-Nineties, Blizzard made an attempt to bring the game away from its real-time strategy roots with Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans, a point-and-click adventure. However, after a long and troubled development, the game was cancelled in 1998 and left completely dormant – until now.

A prototype version of the pont-and-click has been found and leaked online, showing off what could have been to the entire world. As you can see above, people are already playing the game and showing off what’s inside. Now you can imagine what the world would have been like if we’d got this – a world in which World Of Warcraft may never have happened, in favour of more Warcraft adventure games.

There’s been no word from Blizzard on this prototype leak, but given that the game was never going to make it to production and was cancelled nearly 20 years ago, we might not hear anything at all.

(Hat tip to RetroCollect for the news.)

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