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Capcom Announces Mega Man Legacy Collection

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Capcom has announced a new compilation titled Mega Man: Legacy Collection, and a new incarnation of Digital Eclipse is developing it!

The compilation itself focuses on the blue bomber’s six NES outings. As well as faithful recreations of the original games, the game is to offer extra material for fans. A brand new challenge mode will showcase remixed gameplay from all six games, with scaling difficulty levels to accommodate both veterans and newcomers, while the museum mode is to offer original concept drawings, artwork and more history. Leaderboards and replay functionality are also promised.

Digital Eclipse was a development team which came to specialise in converting and emulating old games, and the original incarnation merged into Backbone Entertainment. The new incarnation is a retro-focused studio, which is described as “a new kind of studio; one dedicated to not only restoring gaming’s heritage, but to preserving it and keeping it alive and available for future generations.”

Mega Man: Legacy Collection is scheduled to launch this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with a Nintendo 3DS release following in the winter. It’s digital-only on all four platforms and priced at $14.99 (likely £11.99 after conversion).

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