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Celebrate Easter With A Retro Gaming Weekend

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Retro MeetingThe Retro Computer Museum has announced a brand new event in time for the Easter Holidays.

The popular preserver of classic gaming systems has once again teamed up with Snibston Discovery Museum to create a weekend where you can both learn and play. And play, and play and play.

There will be a large range of consoles and classic systems on offer, with a large number of games to choose from. If you’re looking to make some new friends, or catch up with some old ones then the 4 Day Easter Weekender makes perfect sense.

You can order tickets directly from the Retro Computer Museum home page, and prices for the event are as follows

Adult Single Day £10.50 (£12.00 on door)
Adult Two Days £15.50 (£17.00 on door)
Adult Full Weekend £25.50 (£27 on the door)

Child Single Day £6.50 (£8.00 on door)
Child Two Days £9.50 (£11.00 on door)
Child Full Weekend £15.50 (£17 on the door)

The event itself takes place from the 18-21 of April and will be held at Snibston Discovery Museum. We’ll hopefully see you there.

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