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Celebrate SNK’s 40th Anniversary With Retro Gamer 187

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Retro Gamer 187 cover Retro Gamer 187 subscriber cover

The latest issue of Retro Gamer is out on Thursday 1 November, and it’s a special celebration of SNK’s 40th anniversary. The magazine comes with a sticker sheet featuring sprites and artwork from the company’s history, as well as The Mini SNK Companion – a guide to 40 great games by SNK and on SNK hardware, featuring brand new developer interviews. In the main magazine, our cover feature looks back at the company’s life, death and rebirth with a selection of interviewees from the company’s past and present. We also have an interview on the development of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, due for release soon on Nintendo Switch.

Of course, that’s not all we’ve got in the issue. In our regular Making Of features you can learn how the London gangster game The Getaway moved from PlayStation to PS2 during its development, find out how Gauntlet: The Third Encounter arrived on Atari Lynx and discover the tale behind Lucasarts’ classic adventure The Eidolon.

Elsewhere you’ll find a feature on the Game Boy Color (celebrating its 20th anniversary this year), Ultimate Guides to the fantasy shoot-’em-up Gynoug and the over-the-top beat-’em-up NARC, a retrospective on the developer Atomic Planet and a Bluffer’s Guide to westerns. We also speak to DotEmu about Windjammers 2 and Streets Of Rage 4, get Darren Melbourne to reveal his Desert Island Disks and pay tribute to the late composer Ben Daglish.

As always, you can pick up Retro Gamer from newsagents, digital magazine retailers and of course online via My Favourite Magazines.

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