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Chaos Reborn Heads To Kickstarter

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65682e0bfe1d519d5d6afbf9b0c78a27_largeJulian Gollop, creator of the XCOM series, is heading to Kickstarter to raise funding for Chaos Reborn.

Julian has been working with a small team of developers for over a year now since leaving Ubisoft, and is determined to reimagine his classic Spectrum strategy game for a new generation of gamers.

He’s already made a large amount of progress on the game, and plans to introduce brand new mechanics, many more spells and monsters, as well as procedurally generated levels. Ensuring no two games are ever the same.

The amount he needs to make Chaos Reborn a reality is $180,000. The project itself has already secured over $60,000 from 1,726 backers. You can donate by visiting the official website.

We’re huge fans of the original Spectrum classic, so will be following its progress closely over the next few weeks. You’ll be able to read an interview with Julian about his plans in issue 128.

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