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Check Out TheModShop’s Awesome Portable N64

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Nintendo has done a good job of bringing certain N64 classics into the handheld world, but a 3DS can’t solve everything. Sure, The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D is great, but sometimes you just want to take Conker’s Bad Fur Day or GoldeneEye out in public. That’s where TheModShop’s N64 Portable comes in.

This machine was created through the careful modification of an original N64 console, and gains an integrated battery, backlit LCD screen and control set-up. Even the controls have been customised, with the modder opting to use a smaller Xbox 360 analogue stick assembly and a custom 3D-printed D-pad. This required some heavy customisation – not only did the motherboard need to be cut to size and the cartrdige slot re-oriented, the controller needed to be split into different components in order to fit the cast. However, since it’s not an emulation-based handheld, there should be none of the compatibility issues that plague non-official units.

To see how the whole thing was made, complete with detailed photographs of the entire building process, visit The ModShop here.

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