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Chris Huelsbeck Writing New Turrican II Music

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Chris Huelsbeck Writing New Turrican II Music

There’s an exciting development in the Turrican II: The Orchestral Album Kickstarter, as Chris Huelsbeck has revealed that he’ll be writing brand new music for the collector’s box set! The music will be a new composition in the spirit of the original game, using samples from the Turrican II soundtrack. What’s more, the new track will be recorded using the original Amiga hardware, thus ensuring maximum authenticity.

The new track will only be available as part of the collector’s box set, and will only exist as a bonus track on the vinyl LP – the CD won’t include it. However, fans without a record player will still be able to enjoy the track as a digital download.

The Kickstarter campaign for the album is now four days from completion, and is currently at $68,689 against a $75,000 goal. If you want to find out more or back the campaign, visit the Turrican II Live Orchestra Album Kickstarter page here.

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