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Crafting Revealed For Worms WMD

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The fun of Worms was always in the destructive, over the top and frankly insane weaponry, and Team17 has just announced that for the first time ever, Worms WMD will let you make your own. The game’s new crafting system allows you to expand the 35-item line-up to over 80, by either finding materials in crates or dismantling your existing weapons to create new ones. New items include the Party Balloon, Luzi, Electric Sheep and Concrete Angry Donkey. Take a look at how it works by clicking the shiny new YouTube trailer above.

Crafting is the latest in a set of new additions to the series which are making their debut in Worms WMD – previously announced new things include vehicles and buildings. Worms WMD will be released later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more information on the game, visit Team17’s official website at www.team17.com.

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