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Crazy Taxi Game Incoming

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New Crazy TaxiSega recently revealed that a brand new Crazy Taxi game in in the works.

The good news is that it’s once again overseen by series stalwart Kenji Kanno. The bad news, it’s going to be a mobile game with in-app purchases.

But is this really bad news though? Sega has announced that Crazy Taxi: City Rush will essentially be an endless runner, with the player able to swipe the screen to change lanes, move onto sidewalks or soar through the air.

Sega is promising plenty of unlockables, an assortment of challenges and unique areas to explore. All-in-all it certainly sounds like it will have all the trappings found in the popular franchise.

Games like Dungeon Keeper have been rightly criticised for putting money drops over gameplay, and rightfully so. Considering the amount of progress we’ve made in Sonic Dash without having to spend a single penny, we have no reason to believe that City Rush won’t be any different.

Rather than jump on the internet band wagon and proclaim loudly about how Sega has ruined yet another classic franchise, we’re going to remain optimistic and see if Kanno can deliver on his promises. Needless to say you can expect a review in a later issue.

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