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Released: 2000

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy Color

Publisher: THQ

Developer: Argonaut/Virtucraft

Croc was always a bit of an odd character – jumping on the mascot platformer bandwagon a few years after its peak, he was an appealing chap (as evidenced by the huge sales of the PlayStation game) but never became a huge star, in part because his games just weren’t top-tier platformers.

This handheld outing is right in line with Croc’s previous adventures – you run around swiping at enemies with your tail, collecting crystals and rescuing the furry little Gobbos scattered around each stage. Unfortunately, it’s also in line with Croc’s 3D outings in another way. The control in this game is awfully unwieldy, with our reptilian hero generally proving far too twitchy – often the game wants you to make precision jumps that simply aren’t feasible with the level of control that you’re given. What’s more, his tail whip takes forever to animate and can’t be interrupted, which means you’ll be careering into things way more often than you’d like.

It’s quite a nice game to look at in most regards – the visuals are as bright and cheery as you’d hope and take in the usual platform game tropes (forest stages, caves, ice worlds and so on). The music is a tad mediocre, but that’s par for the course on the platform. It’s a shame that the control is so poor, because you’d think that the 2D environment would afford an easier environment to work in than the 3D ones that had caused control trouble. Perhaps as a response to this, Croc 2 utilised a top-down perspective…