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Darran And Drew Guide You Through Retro Gamer 160

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Retro Gamer issue 160 is out now in all good newsagents, and you can buy it directly from us via ImagineShop.co.uk or get a digital copy from GreatDigitalMags.com.

It’s been 20 years since players first got their hands on Super Mario 64, and gaming was never quite the same again. From the free-form game design to the joy of controlling Mario and the amazing visual quality of the whole experience, Nintendo revolutionised 3D games and other developers were left playing catch-up. We speak to those that were there at the time, including journalists, developers and the designers of acclaimed N64 platform games like Banjo-Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, to find out just why it was such a game-changer.

The rest of the issue features our usual blend of exciting features and exclusive interview content. We look back at the making of Activision’s Atari 2600 classic Frostbite, the 8-bit hit Marauder and the cult PC classics that make up the Tex Murphy series. We’ve also got Ultimate Guides to The Story Of Thor and The House Of The Dead, with the latter featuring an interview on the creation of the Sega Saturn conversion.

We’ve also got a look back at The Hit Squad, the most collectable of the 8-bit budget ranges, a sit-down interview with Bullfrog’s Glenn Corpes, and a dive into the vaults of Beyond Games. You’ll also find features on the lesser-known hits of the Amstrad 6128 Plus, and if the Mario feature wasn’t enough Nintendo love for you, there’s a retrospective on the Gamecube which is now a whopping 15 years old.

Enjoy the issue, and we’ll see you again in four weeks!

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