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Dave Lowe Offering Music Remakes On Kickstarter

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Veteran videogame musician Dave Lowe (also known as Uncle Art), best known for his contributions to games such as Frontier: Elite II, Starglider and Carrier Command, is currently offering remakes of his most famous retro gaming music via Kickstarter. The remake album, to be titled A Temporal Shift, will include a variety of remakes including full orchestral versions of the main theme and second theme from Frontier. The CD and vinyl pressings of the album will be exclusively available to Kickstarter backers.

As well as the remakes, the project is offering a CD of the original tracks titled The Collected Works Of Dave Lowe, which will also include rarities and studio bootlegs. The project is currently at £12,161 of its £33,000 goal with just under three weeks left on the campaign, so be sure to pledge soon if you wish to see this project come to fruition.

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