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De-Blur Your N64 Games

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If there’s one complaint about the N64 that doesn’t centre around its trident-shaped control pad, it’s the visual output of the console. Most games on the console operate using a very aggressive form of anti-aliasing which results in a major loss of visual clarity, particularly on 2D objects.

For some users, this simple bugbear has been enough to put them off the console altogether, which is a great shame – but intrepid modders have recently managed to modify the anti-aliasing settings for a variety of games, thus restoring clarity to the system’s display.

In order to take advantage of these hacks, you’ll need to own either a Gameshark or an Everdrive 64. Here’s the Assembler Games thread offering Gameshark codes, and here’s a site offering patches for Everdrive owners. For now, here’s a comparison from Duke Nukem 64 – check out how much clearer that wood texture is!

(Story via RetroCollect)


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