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Defender of the Crown hits Android

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defendersofthecrownRejoice and be merry, for today Defender Of The Crown has arrived on your Android devices! It is £1.49 and you can acquire it from the Google Play store. If you like your phones with a slightly more fruity flavour, rest assured that Apple types are also catered for as Defender Of The Crown is also available for your device. If you are a Windows Phone owner… no dice. Truly, you are the modern-day equivalent of the Amstrad CPC owner.

For those of you unfamiliar with Defender Of The Crown, the game is a single-player strategy game by Cinemaware which sees you commanding warring factions in Middle Ages England. Initially arriving on the Amiga in 1986, the game was visually stunning and soon found success on other platforms. If you still wish to know more, why not read Matthew Aston’s profile of the Commodore 64 version right here on this website?


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