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Descent Creators Return With Overload

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Do you remember Descent? It was a series of popular (and somewhat disorienting) shoot-’em-ups allowing for full freedom of movement, or six degrees of freedom as the developers like to term it.

The original creators are now back with a new game called Overload, which is currently up on Kickstarter. It’s another game with similar mechanics to Descent and a 15-level single player campaign, with both PC and console versions in the works, as well as a level editor and more. The team is looking for $300,000 and has currently gained over $41,000 in less than 24 hours since the launch of the campaign, with a digital copy of the game at the $25 reward tier.

If you’re wondering why they haven’t got the Descent licence, that’s because it’s held by another Kickstarter project – Descent: Underground, a MOBA revival of the series that is currently available in an early access form.

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