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D/Generation remake in the works

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It’s amazing how games can be forgotten sometimes. You’d think that a game which received 91% from Zero, 89% from The One and 88% from the famously uncompromising Amiga Power would be fondly recalled and possibly in the hunt for a space in the readers’ choice Top 25 Amiga games feature. But poor old D/Generation doesn’t get that recognition these days, languishing in 87th place in the voting and rarely receiving any attention.

Luckily, not everyone has forgotten the game and West Coast Software has licensed the game from original coder Robert Cook for an HD re-release. West Coast has some pedigree, as the team was behind the recent releases of Putty Squad on modern platforms and has also converted James Pond games for System 3 in recent times. There are no screenshots of the re-release yet, but the team’s press release gives an estimated launch date of this Christmas.

If finding out that D/Generation missed the readers’ Amiga top 25 has you curious about what did get in, make sure you pick up issue 133 from the Imagine Shop when it’s released on Thursday 11th September.

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