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Dino Dini’s Bringing Kick-Off Back!

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Dino Dini's Bringing Kick-Off Back!Do you prefer your football games without sticky balls? Are you the sort of person who longs for the days before games about the beautiful game were tarnished by licensing deals and TV-style cameras? If so, you may well just rejoice in the fact that Dino Dini is bringing Kick Off back in 2016!

In an announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Dino confirmed that the classic top-down viewpoint will be the default, and said “The important things will not change. The ball is not stuck to your feet; you can shoot the way you want; aiming and swerving the ball will be 100% under your control.” However, the game will utilise 3D visuals and feature full analogue controls for increased precision in passing and shooting.

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016. If you can’t wait until then, here’s some competitive Kick Off 2 action to tide you over.

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