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Does purple and blue look good on Batman?

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25 years ago, Batman experienced something of a renaissance thanks to a new blockbuster movie starring Michael Keaton and a slew of merchandise, including licensed games for seemingly every platform under the sun. While gamers here in the UK might best remember the Amiga game with its incredible driving sections, over in North America the dominant platform was still the NES. As a result, Sunsoft’s purple and blue rendition of Batman seems to carry a lot of nostalgic weight for our cousins across the pond.

Seeking to capitalise on the popularity of the video game, NECA is launching a NES-coloured version of Keaton’s Batman. The figure comes in a box inspired by NES packaging, complete with a spoof seal of quality and a foldover cover that hides the windowbox. It’s pretty cool, but if you want one you’ll need to be ready with your wallet as there’s only going to be one production run. Luckily the figure isn’t out until October, so you’ll have time to save up – and to revisit the NES game itself.

Batman - The Video Game (USA)_005

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