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DotEmu Slashes Android Game Prices

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Retro game publisher DotEmu is currently having a major sale on its Android game line-up via the Google Play store, with classics going for as little as £0.09 (nine pence – not a typo!). The sale runs until 13 May 2015, and includes the following titles:

£0.09: R-Type
£0.09: R-Type II
£0.30: Another World
£0.30: Raiden Legacy
£0.40: Double Dragon Trilogy
£0.40: Little Big Adventure

We’ve been impressed with DotEmu’s work in the past, awarding R-Type II 87% back in issue 127, at its original price of £1.49. For less than half of the cost of a Freddo, it’s frankly a bit of a steal. If the rest of the games hold up to that quality, they’re well worth the tiny sum being charged.

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