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Dungeon Keeper Out Now On Android And iOS

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Dungeon keeperElectronic Arts’ update of Dungeon Keeper is available to play now.

The original game was released in 1997 and created by Peter Molyneux’s company Bullfrog for the PC and became an immediate success thanks to its interesting take on the god sim genre.

Ulnike other games, you played an evil overlord, hoping to keep intruding adventurers out of the dungeon you were building. It became extremely popular, with a sequel getting released in 1999.

EA has now teamed up with Mythic Entertainment and updated the PC classic for a new generation of handheld gamers. It’s also using a free-to-play system, which immediately makes us a little wary, as we’d hate it to impact on the resource gathering of the original game. You can download it now for free from iTunes and Googleplay, and can expect a review from us in a later issue.

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