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Earthworm Jim Anthology Available For Pre-Order

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Earthworm Jim Anthology Available For Pre-Order

It’s crazy to think that it’s been seven years since we last saw Earthworm Jim on our screens, and 18 years since he was in a brand new game. Still, we haven’t lost our fondness for the oddball annelid. Those first two platform games came at a time when everyone had just about had enough of platform games, yet Earthworm Jim and its sequel managed to carve out their own audience with bizarre humour, clever game design and excellent production values.

Earthworm Jim’s sound was a key part of the aforementioned production values, with composer Tommy Tallarico offering music which won awards back in the mid-Nineties. Today, that music is being compiled on the Earthworm Jim Anthology, a remastered double vinyl soundtrack including unreleased tracks and new remixes.

The soundtrack comes with Jim and Snott-themed records, packaged in inner sleeves bearing the familiar heart pattern from Jim’s boxers and the ubiquitous cow print (you’ll get it if you played the games). The gatefold outer sleeve features brand new artwork, and you’ll get a download code for a digital version of the soundtrack too.

You can see the track list for the Earthworm Jim Anthology by clicking here, and preorder on the same page – it’ll set you back €32 if you’re interested.

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