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Easy to Learn, Hard to Master – The Fate of Atari Hits Kickstarter

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8bit Generation has brought a new retro gaming documentary project to Kickstarter, this time focusing on Atari – and more specifically Atari Inc., the entity that existed from 1972 – 1984 prior to Warner’s sale of the company to Jack Tramiel. According to the campaign page, the team has interviewed a large number of key figures from those years including the likes of Nolan Bushnell, Al Alcorn, Ray Kassar, Manny Gerard, Joe Decuir, and many more.

The team is asking for €20,000 of funding to complete the 100-minute documentary, having completed filming already. The money is expected to go towards editing and mixing, colour grading, effects and image usage rights. Backers are being offered a digital copy of the film for €20 and a DVD copy (with additional download) for €30. A Blu-Ray copy will run you €120, but comes with additional bonus footage and the complete interview with Nolan Bushnell. At the time of writing, the campaign was already over the €5,000 mark.

8bit Generation previously completed The Commodore Wars, a Kickstarter-funded documentary which was released in February this year.

To find out more or to back the campaign, click here to visit the Kickstarter page.

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