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Engadget UK Launches Tech Hunters

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Engadget UK has today launched the first episode in its ten-part original video series Tech Hunters, a look back at retro gadgets, hosted by Julia Hardy. Each episode will explore the popularity of each device in its own time as well as its impact on the wider tech industry, and find out the value of the item for today’s collectors.

Though it isn’t an exclusively gaming-focused show, there will be shows of definite interest to retro gamers the world over. Opening Up New Worlds On Nintendo’s Game Boy will look back at the monochrome masterpiece that gave Nintendo an unassailable lead in the handheld gaming market, while Feeding The Tech Beast With Tamagotchi will examine the virtual pet LCD game that caused a huge stir in playgrounds during the late Nineties.

You can watch the debut episode covering the Nokia 3310 (better known to you and I as the dedicated Snake machine) above or by clicking here, and you can follow future episodes over at Engadget UK.

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