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Ex-Tengen Coder Reveals Unreleased Games

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Wow! It’s not every day you come across a programmer sharing all sorts of cool abandoned projects, but former Jun Amanai has been doing just that on his YouTube channel recently.

The former Tengen coder has so far shown off five unreleased games – PC Engine conversions of Marble Madness, Off The Wall, Peter Pack Rat and Popils, and a Famicom conversion of Popils. The reasons for the lack of release vary. Popils for the PC Engine was developed with the goal of evaluating the hardware, while Off The Wall would have required a large 8 megabit ROM and a paddle controller.

As well as these unreleased games, Amanai also worked on a number of games that made it to shop shelves. These include the Game Gear version of Popils (the only one that ever actually saw release), the PC Engine version of Klax, and the Mega Drive versions of Marble Madness and Grind Stormer.

Take a look at his YouTube channel for more.

(Hat tip to reader @aj_187 for pointing us to this story!)

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