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Exciting Destiny Launch Special Released

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DESTINYLS_BANNER-770x472Bungie has been producing amazing shooters since its earliest days with titles like Marathon and Myth, not to mention the monster that has become Halo. Now Destiny is launching on next-gen consoles and it looks like a future classic in the making.

To mark this momentous and exciting occassion, X-ONE has produced a DESTINY LAUNCH SPECIAL, available to download to iPhone and iPad right now. You just need to grab the free X-ONE Magazine app and you will find it available for just £1.99.

033_DestinyLaunchSpecialThe DESTINY LAUNCH SPECIAL tracks the rise of Destiny from its first announcement right through to the beta and beyond. You can read the very first impressions of the game, the first hands on, exclusive interviews with Bungie and get the first multiplayer impressions and tips for taking on PvP.

It’s a fantastic package for a wonderful new game and you can add it to your digital mag collection right now. Download the X-ONE app from iTunes or head to Greatdigitalmags.com for further details.

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