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Fan Upstages Sega With Shenmue HD Remaster

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We know your pain, Shenmue fans. It was only a couple of years ago that we last took that memorable journey through the fourth disc of Shenmue II, only to once again face that cliffhanger ending. We’d love to see Sega continue the story, but it seems unlikely that it’ll ever happen – the last two attempts to do so with MMORPG Shenmue Online and mobile game Shenmue City haven’t turned out tremendously well.

Thankfully, the fans are stepping up to fill the void. Korean gamer NoconKid has produced the stunning video above, which showcases the updated Dobuita Street environment. It’s pretty empty at the moment as he’s working on the backgrounds before moving onto character models, but all the same it’s a stunning vision of what Shenmue can look like if brought into HD with the care it deserves.

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