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Final Fantasy IV hits Steam today

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FFIV_SteamIt’s a good time to be a Final Fantasy fan. Just a decade ago, if you wanted to play Final Fantasy IV in English, you needed to either hunt down a US copy of the SNES game or get hold of Final Fantasy Anthology, a PlayStation game with a rather late release date of 2002. These days you’re spoilt for choice, with versions for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PSP and Wii, as well as iOS and Android devices if you’re that way inclined. Today a new version has joined that impressive roster, with PC owners now about to buy Final Fantasy IV on Steam for a price of £10.99.

If you’re not familiar with Final Fantasy IV, we’re not too surprised – when the game was first released in the West, the series had a much lower profile than it does today. In fact, it wasn’t even called Final Fantasy IV – the US SNES release was retitled Final Fantasy II as the second and third games hadn’t been localised. Squaresoft began to re-release the game following the success of the series’ breakthrough hit Final Fantasy VII, restoring the original name and finally bringing it to Europe in the process. The game has enjoyed continued popularity, with various appearances in crossover titles such as Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and Dissidia Final Fantasy, and a 2008 sequel called Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

If you’re interested in Final Fantasy IV but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with a complete history of the series – get caught up with a digital edition of Retro Gamer issue 108, from just £2.99.


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