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Five independent Dreamcast arriving soon

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Five independent Dreamcast arriving soon

Five releases are heading to the Dreamast soon courtesy of JoshProd, now in the ever-so-fragile blue boxes that Sega Europe adopted for the console in the PAL regions. Two of these are standard releases, The Ghost Blade and Dux 1.5, with new cases to fit into European collections. The other three are more intriguing.

Alice’s Mom’s Rescue is an updated version of the existing homebrew favourite, with new cover art. Breakers is a new and apparently officially licensed release of Visco’s Neo Geo fighting favourite, using a custom version of AES4ALL to run on the Dreamcast. Lastly, Rush Rush Rally Reloaded is an upgraded version of the existing Dreamcast game, now with improved visuals, an adjusted camera, new modes and more.

The games are all up for preorder now at RushOnGame for €27.99 each or €125 for the set of five, with an expected shipping date of 17th April 2017. To find out more, visit the RushOnGame website here.

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