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Flashback creator returns with Subject 13

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Paul Cuisset, formerly of Delphine Software, is back in business and looking for players to fund his latest project, Subject 13. The game centres around former physics professor Franklin Fargo, whose life is in tatters following the death of his fiance. He thinks things can’t possibly get any worse, but is proven wrong when he wakes up in a tiny cell in Hexatech Labs. This premise sets the scene for a 3D adventure/puzzle game.

The game is targeted for release on PC, Mac, iOS and Android and is in an advanced stage of development already, slated for release in October 2014. As such the Kickstarter campaign isn’t to enable the completion of the game, which will happen regardless, but to allow for the creation of additional content and the improvement of existing content. The team is looking for $40,000 to do this and offering a variety of rewards, from regular items such as copies of the game and t-shirts to more unusual items like 3D-printable models.

If you’re not familiar with Paul Cuisset’s work, he’s most famous for his role in the creation of Flashback, the classic 1992 adventure platformer for which he served as the director, taking on a number of roles including programming, level design, writing and sound effects. The game was initially released on the Amiga before being ported to a variety of platforms including the Mega Drive, SNES and PC, and became the best-selling French game of all time. Cuisset’s other games include Moto Racer and Future Wars: Adventures In Time and Flashback’s sequel, Fade To Black.

If you’re interested in the game and want to find out more, visit the Subject 13 Kickstarter page.