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Former Snatcher developers take to Kickstarter

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blackmoreIt’s becoming increasingly common for developers to take to Kickstarter to launch new projects, and new team iQiOi has jumped on the trend with its steampunk adventure Blackmore, set in Victorian London.

Headed by Jeremy Blaustein, a localisation veteran whose work includes Snatcher, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, iQiOi has got some notable talent on board for Blackmore. Character designer Satoshi Yoshioka worked on Snatcher and Policenauts, while composer Motoaki Furukawa previously worked on the likes of Snatcher and Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. There’s also the promise of voice acting from David Hayter, best known for his portrayal of Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series.

No in-game footage has been shown at present, but iQiOi has stated that it will be an isometric point-and-click adventure game. It needs $200,000 to hit PC and Mac, with consoles to come if stretch goals are reached. If you want to see the campaign, click here.


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