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Free Classic Game Covers eBook

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Free Classic Game Covers eBook

If you’ve had a rubbish Monday (and Mondays aren’t usually the best of days), you might need a comforting retro-themed pick-me-up. We know that, so let’s get one to you right now!

If you grew up with the likes of Power Blade, Solstice, Wing Commander or Might & Magic: Clouds Of Xeen, you’re probably familiar with the artwork that accompanied them. This was all done by Mike Winterbauer, an American artist whose work has also graced magazine covers, video releases and more.

Mike has released a free eBook titled Classic Game Covers: Confessions Of An Art Junkie, which looks back at a variety of his artworks and the stories behind them, including calls from lawyers, who he used as reference models, and even tales of the lengths he had to go to in order to get paid. It’s an interesting book for both classic game enthusiasts and those keen to discover what kind of life a freelance artist lives. Make sure to pick up your copy on the Winterbauer Arts website.

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