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Game On 2016 Is Out Now!

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game_on_2016_coverIf you’re the sort of person that just loves videogames – and we’re guessing you are, being on this website and all – there’s definitely something you’ll love in Game On 2016. How do we know? Because it was put together by our expert contributors, and covers everything from Mario Kart and Destiny to World Of Warcraft, Forza, Street Fighter and much more besides.

If that wasn’t enough, you can find lists from the greatest gaming moments to the rock-hard achievements and trophies that will give you real bragging rights when you get them. We’ve also got exclusive insight from your favourite YouTubers, including the ever-popular Stampy. And of course there’s some retro love in there, because there’s got to be something for those of us who prefer pixels to polygons.

The book is out now, and you can click here to pick it up from Amazon.

Game On 2016 Is Out Now!

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