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Get A Look At The Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Back at E3 this year, Sony managed to make a number of gamers’ dreams come true with a trifecta of seemingly impossible announcements – The Last Guardian, Shenmue III and the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII remake were all on the way to PS4. All we had to go on for Final Fantasy was a brief cinematic trailer, but now we’ve seen gameplay – and it’s looking good.

The footage, all culled from the game’s opening assault on one of Midgar’s gigantic Mako reactors, shows Cloud and Barrett engaging in real-time combat, as well as fully-voiced cutscenes and dynamic re-imaginings of the original game’s cinematic sequences. While some fans are likely to be upset that the game won’t be a turn-based affair like the original release, we’d argue that a turn-based Final Fantasy VII already exists and we’re excited for the new direction.¬†However, there are still some grumbles to be had about the game’s release, which will be an episodic affair – apparently, the game is just too big to do in one package. We’ll wait and see how Square Enix handles this before offering any judgement.

What do you think to the new trailer – is it a welcome change or an unspeakable slight against one of gaming’s acknowledged classics? Let us know in the comments below and on the forums.

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