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Gizmondo Widescreen Set For Reintroduction

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PR Gizmondo Widescreen

New hardware manufacturer Veteran Retro Game Systems (Veteran RGS) has today announced its intention to reintroduce the Gizmondo Widescreen to the games market. The handheld, originally slated as a successor to 2005’s ill-fated Gizmondo handheld, will boast the original 480×272 display that was intended to position the machine as a direct competitor to the PSP and arrive with launch titles including Polybius and Miner Willy Meets The Taxman.

“After the success of the crowdfunding campaign for the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus, we recognise the appetite that the public has for retro handheld hardware,” said Veteran RGS’ CEO Ken Michaelson. “With an actual piece of vintage gaming hardware at our disposal, we’ll be able to show the public the best classic handheld they never received.” The crowdfunding campaign is due to begin this Sunday with a projected launch date of February 31st 2017.

For more information about the Gizmondo Widescreen, please visit the official Veteran RGS website here.

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