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GOG.com sale now on

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GOG.com sale now onClassic PC game retailer GOG.com is currently having a big summer sale, slashing prices on hundreds of games both old and new.

Deals are being made on a long-term basis, as well as daily deals and even short-lived flash deals. At the time of writing, the daily deal is a four-game Rayman bundle including the first three games and the superb Rayman Origins, which can be had for $9.46, We’ve seen Fahrenheit, one of our Future Classics, down as low as $1.49 in a flash deal, so it seems like there are some pretty big discounts to be had.

If you’re unfamiliar with GOG.com, the site has built a reputation as a key retailer of classic PC games, thanks to its DRM-free releases and its efforts to update old games to work on modern operating systems. The retailer currently offers software for Windows and Mac users, and announced future plans to support Linux users in March this year.

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