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See Grand Theft Auto V through C64-style goggles

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Grand Theft Auto V (aka “The game that Darran will never play”) has been given a loving C64-style deconstruction by Hungarian animator Balazs Kalocsai, on his YouTube channel Majami Hiroz – pronounced “Miami heroes,” apparently.

The video opens with a rendering of the game’s tape, before cutting to a loading screen that would have been absolutely phenomenal back in 1990, which is when Kalocsai has set the video. It then moves on to show some of his vision of the game, which would have been incredibly impressive at the time. In fact, we dare say a little too impressive, because it looks like there’s more going on than the C64 could handle, in a modified colour palette to boot.

Still, minus our parade-showering, this is a cool piece of video and one which accompanies a variety of other modern games rendered in an 8-bit style, such as LA Noire, Assassin’s Creed II and even the recently-released Watch Dogs. Enjoy!

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