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GRIP Moves To Early Access

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If you’ve seen our awesome interview with the Caged Element team about their Rollcage spiritual successor GRIP – whether that’s on this very site or as the main news story in issue 146 of the magazine – you might be wondering what happened to the Kickstarter. So we’ll let the Caged Element chaps tell you directly, as taken from their own update:

We realized a while ago (as did many of you) that things were not looking positive for reaching our funding goal. That said, we continued to push. We released a new action-packed trailer. We did interviews. We tweeted, emailed and posted everywhere we could. Sadly, we just did not receive the exposure we needed to maintain the momentum after you all gave the campaign such a fantastic start. Are we disappointed in the performance of the Kickstarter? Sure. Is an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign going to stop us from making this game for you? Hell no!

GRIP has now moved to funding via PayPal and Stripe on the Caged Element Website, with the goal of getting the PC version of the game onto Steam’s Early Access service by the end of November this year. As you can see from the trailer above, the Kickstarter demo was in an advanced state of development already, so this seems like a reasonable task. A PlayStation 4 version is still planned, too.

It’s a shame that such a polished-looking update to a retro cult classic didn’t hit its initial target, but we’re pleased to see the developers are committed to making the game.

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