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Has A Scrapped Sonic Game Been Found?

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Here’s a puzzle for the weekend! A mysterious image of a game titled “SegaSonic Bros” appeared online earlier in the week, seeming to be an arcade game with some resemblances to 1993’s SegaSonic Arcade – three primary coloured heroes, that odd title and more.

The Sonic community has been known for its hoaxes over the years, but what gives this apparent discovery an air of credibility is that it has originated from an outside source – Shou, a prominent Japanese arcade collector. He was also recently involved in preserving Atlus’ long-lost shooter Wing Force, which is on its way to MAME, and has been known to help dump other arcade titles too. The image was tagged as “unreleased” and described only with the text “…it’s the megaton…”

Sonic fans have been quick to react, with all kinds of debates as to the veracity of the image. Some remain convinced that it’s an elaborate hoax or a bootleg hack of some kind, noting Shou’s technical abilities, whereas others trust the collector. We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this, but we’ve heard crazier stories – after all, a legitimate SNES PlayStation was found last year!

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