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Heart & Slash – New Kickstarter Project

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heart and swordThere are plenty of games funded on Kickstarter, but Heart & Slash is the latest to have caught our eye.

It’s a scrolling fighter at heart (ho ho) where you take control of a malfunctioning robot with access to 75 different weapons.What’s interesting about Heart & Slash though is that as well as its 3D scrolling fighter elements, it’s also a rouge-like.

We’re not too sure how these distinctly different genres will mesh together, but games like Rogue Legacy and Spelunky prove that it can be done.

Filled with insane weapons and plenty of cool power-ups, Heart & Slash is already looking mighty fine and has currently received 60% of its funding. You can make your own pledge by visiting the official Kickstarter page, or instead what for it to be greenlit on Steam.

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