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Henshin Engine Is Now On Kickstarter

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Webcomic creator Sarumaru has been working on the Henshin Engine project for a while now, but rather than just making a comic about games, he wants to make an actual PC Engine game. To achieve this goal he’s gone to Kickstarter, where he’s asking for $16,400 to expand the current three stage demo into a full eight stage game.

Henshin Engine is a 2D action platform game starring Yuki Shirokawa, a gamer who has just started working for the FX-Engine manufacturer JEC. Through a chance encounter with a prototype console, she’s transported to a virtual world as the super-powered FX Unit: Yuki. However, the nefarious SG Corporation has been conducting industrial espionage in an attempt to leapfrog JEC, and has created its own equivalent – the Ultra Drive Unit: Geni. Yuki’s goal is to prevent Geni from achieving her goal of corrupting the virtual worlds of future FX-Engine games.

If funded, the game will be released for PC Engine CD and for PC via Steam. Further platforms can be added as stretch goals, including PS4 and Xbox One, a disc-based retro console and a cartridge-based retro console. Backer rewards include copies of the game, art prints, comic books and the CD soundtrack.

To fund the game or find out more, visit the Henshin Engine Kickstarter here.

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