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Hewson Consultants Returns With Hyper Sentinel

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If you’ve ever thought that the modern shoot-’em-up scene has moved too for from the likes of Eighties classics such as Uridium, you are in luck – Hewson Consultants is back, and the company has brought Hyper Sentinel with it. Of course, as usual these days it’s a Kickstarter project. The company is describing its new game as “a love letter to old school arcade action and the computer shoot ’em ups of the 1980s” – and one look at the video above will tell you exactly what you need to know about how it plays.

If it reaches its funding goal, Hyper Sentinel is planned for PC and iOS initially, with a projected release date of November 2016. Mac, Android and console releases are offered at stretch goal tiers. There’s a demo of the game available for iOS players, but you’ll need to back the game in order to receive it – that’s available at the £15 tier. Other than that, £10 will get you a mobile version and £20 will get you a computer/console version, dependent on those stretch goals being hit. For those with cash to splash, reward tiers are offered up to the £95 mark, which will get you all kinds of goodies including a signed poster, digital soundtrack, Mike Berry postcard set and even a classic Hewson Consultants game signed by Andrew Hewson.

Hyper Sentinel needs to reach a minimum target of £35,000 by the time the campaign closes in the early hours of 31st July. If you want to learn more or pledge some of your hard-earned pounds, visit the Hyper Sentinel Kickstarter page here.

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