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Hidden Palace Now Available In Sonic The Hedgehog 2

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was recently released on iOS with a brand new exclusive level.

Hidden Palace Zone was originally planned for the Mega Drive release back in 1992, but was cancelled by Sonic Team. Yuji Naka once revealed is was going to be a secret level designed to show off the skills of Super Sonic, but it never happened.

Hidden palace

A fantastic gift for fans of Sega’s hedgehog.

Now, some 21 years after the original release, Hidden Palace Zone is available in all its glory and it’s yours for just £1.99 on iOS and Android. It’s only available as a secret level, but it’s still nice to see its inclusion all the same.It’s been completely reworked by the same team behind the mobile versions of Sonic CD and even features a brand new boss vehicle for Dr Robotnik.

Here’s hoping this change is made to other versions of the game, as we’d love to experience this with more traditional controls.


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