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Hyper Sentinel Returns To Kickstarter

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Hewson’s new retro-inspired game Hyper Sentinel is back on Kickstarter, and if it reaches its £15,000 funding goal it’ll be coming to PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android. There’s a free demo up now too for PC, Mac and iOS players. You can see the pitch video above.

Andrew and Rob Hewson attempted to crowdfund the game last year, but were only able to get £12,653 of their £35,000 goal. This time the Uridium-inspired blaster has a much lower goal of £15,000 and the demo is completely free, and at the time of writing £12,553 has been pledged against that with 24 days still to go, making success a much likelier prospect this time around.

Have you backed the game? Are you a fan of the demo? Let us know what you think of Hyper Sentinel in the forum and on social media.