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ICYMI: Paul Drury On The Retro Hour

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Retro Gamer freelancer Paul Drury has written for the magazine for longer than even editor Darran Jones (who’s been on it for a decade), and recently spoke to Dan Wood and Ravi Abbott of The Retro Hour, a new podcast discussing all things retro gaming that’s currently riding high in the iTunes technology charts. It’s no longer the latest episode, but if you missed it you can listen again via the Soundcloud widget above.

If you haven’t heard the podcast before, it’s well worth a listen – other interviewees include Jon Hare, Allister Brimble and Mr Biffo, as well as some they’ve yet to announce with some amazing Psygnosis connections. You can find the podcast at its website www.theretrohour.com, and follow its Facebook page here.

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